Helps to prevent your vehicle from being stolen as it's exceptionally hard to remove without the key. It's made from reinforced steel which covers the complete steering wheel and has high visibility, making the steering lock a superb deterrent.


- Covers the entire steering wheel for full protection

- 3 Year guarantee

- Discounts with some insurance providers

- Includes 3 keys and key ID number tag

- Multiple award winning design


The Disklok range caters for all cars, motor homes and light commercial vehicles with 3 different size options.


When fitted correctly, the Disklok should be loose enough to slide around on your wheel but not loose enough to lift off.


The way in which to determine the correct size for your vehicle is to measure the diameter of your steering wheel as shown below.


                                    Sizes available:

                               Small (35 – 39cm)

                                 Medium (39 – 41.5cm)

                                 Large (41.5 – 44cm)


                                     Colours available:

                              Silver & Yellow



In our experience, certain types of vehicles will require a particular size. Please see the general fitting guide below but always physically measure your own steering wheel before purchasing: